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Wedding Photography Packages & Pricing

No matter your budget, we have a wedding photography service that's right for you! From our DIY service all the way to our full service with editing, there's a lot to choose from. Get in touch to inquire about availability and for updated pricing! Some prices are affected by time of year, but the below information will give you a rough estimate of cost. Also, pricing listed here is BEFORE bundling with some of our other amazing services, which can save you even more money!

Interactive Wedding Photography by

  • Our flagship service; you won't find anything like this anywhere else

  • An awesome photographer to capture amazing pictures of you and your guests throughout the day

  • Guests can register to receive their pictures; once they're in our system

  • Once a guest is in our system, all pictures that we've taken or will take of that guest will be sent to their private galleries instantly and automatically, accessible right on their personal phones

  • Guests can submit their own pictures to your gallery

  • The very next day, you'll receive a full album that includes all of our pictures, and all of the guest-submitted pictures

Average Price: $1,195 + GST (single photographer, up to 8 hours, seasonal)

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographer

Advanced Wedding Photography

all of the features from the above package, plus...

  • Your experienced photographer will use upgraded photography equipment and larger picture formats to capture professional images of your big day

  • We'll sort through the pictures, creating folders for different parts of the day that include only the best pictures, with a separate folder for the rejected shots

  • Our intelligent AI photo processing system analyzes each picture in the final gallery and performs several automated improvements for incredible pictures without an incredible price tag

  • SpotMyPhotos system can still be used, delivering each picture to guests as we're taking them

  • You'll receive the fully sorted AI-enhanced album within 3-5 days

Average Price: $1,995 + GST (single photographer, up to 8 hours, seasonal)

Ultimate Wedding Photography

all of the features from the above package, plus...

  • Two amazing photographers to capture all the best angles on your special day

  • Upgraded editing now includes Basic Edits - human composition and touch ups - for all pictures in the final album

  • Up to twenty Full Edits (retouching, relighting, object removal, skin smoothing, blemish removal, background altering, sky enhancement, etc.) performed by our amazing editing team on the best pictures (chosen either by us, or by you!)

  • SpotMyPhotos system can still be used

  • Receive access to the complete digital gallery in 2 - 3 weeks

Average Price: $3,995 + GST (two photographers, up to 18 combined hours, seasonal)

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