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Edmonton Picture Editing Services

We offer three levels of editing; our proprietary AI editing, AI + human composition (Basic Edit), and then full edits (Advanced Edit). Understanding the difference is key to choosing the level of service that's right for you!


The first image of each strip is SOOC (straight out of camera). Nothing has been done to them.

The second image of each strip is edited by our AI Editor. It's primarily doing three things; correcting the exposure and colour, enhancing the contrast, and sharpening the image.


The third image of each strip is edited by AI and then manually composed (cropped and rotated) if needed. This is what we call our Basic Edit.

The final image of each strip is a full manual human edit, which we call our Advanced Edit. This includes removing objects/people, smoothing and evening the tone of skin, removing blemishes and bruises, relighting the entire picture, colour-grading the picture to match other pictures in the album... whatever needs to be done, we do it.


Here are more examples which we'll keep adding to over time. This will give you a really good idea of what to expect from each level of editing!

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