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Edmonton Interactive Corporate Event Photography



The future of photography! State-of-the-art photography for your corporate function or gala. Every time one of our professional photographers captures a photo, it's AI-optimized and then delivered to the personal galleries of everybody in the photo in a matter of seconds.


Our photographers capture pictures of attendees. These pictures can be taken anywhere; inside, outside, on stage, in large groups, on the dance floor...


Attendees register to receive their pictures one time only. Then, using facial recognition, our system will automatically send them pictures that any of our photographers take of them, privately and securely.


Guests can share their pictures to social media, download them to keep forever, and even make prints right from their phones on our optional print kiosks.

How Does It Work?

Check out our explainer video! This brand new service will amaze your guests, conveniently delivering their AI-optimized photos privately and securely to them throughout the entire event.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Photos are delivered instantly to every attendee using facial recognition on their personal devices; no more waiting weeks or months for pictures to be delivered!

  • Photos are (optionally) AI-optimized as soon as they're captured; no more waiting weeks or months for pictures to be edited! This includes basic retouching, skin smoothing and blemish removal, subject brightening, and several other enhancements, all done instantly.

  • Want to quickly get things posted on the company's social media pages after an event? No problem! We can deliver full unsorted galleries as quickly as the very next day. Want a gallery sorted? We can do that in 2-3 days and get it to you fast!

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Interactive Photography by SpotMyPhotos

  • Our flagship interactive photography service; you won't find anything like this anywhere else

  • Includes professional photographers who will capture pictures of the guests in a set area or roaming

  • Guests can enter our system to receive their pictures ahead of time using provided links, at the event using our displayed QR code, or by getting the photographer to manually register them; afterwards, using facial recognition, all of their pictures taken by any of our photographers are sent privately and securely to their personal album, which they can access from their phones

  • Guests can share their pictures instantly on their social media accounts

  • The pictures will have a custom overlay with your company logo, which we will design for you; every time a guest shares a picture, your branding goes along for the ride

  • Guests can upload their own pictures, which are branded with your overlay, distributed to the other guests who appear in their pictures, and delivered to you

  • You will receive a digital album of all of the pictures the very next day

  • Does not require any dedicated floor space; ideal for venues of all sizes

  • No setup time; we show up ready to begin the service, making this ideal for clients who only need us for certain portions of events

Cost varies greatly depending on length of event, number of photographers required, printing service (if any), and other add-ons. We also have options where users pay for access to socialize the cost of the service. Get in touch for a full quote!

Interactive Photography Add-Ons

Add a backdrop curtain and props

  • Creates a more photobooth-esque experience to all or part of the service

  • Requires approximately 10' of wall space to place the backdrop curtain against, and a 6' rectangular table for the props

Add a print kiosk with a set per-guest print cap

  • Guests can make prints right from their phones, which print out on our mobile printing kiosk

  • Print media cost is built right into the price

  • Requires a cocktail table and close access to power

  • Requires WiFi at venue

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Group of happy people in formalwear having fun together with confetti flying all

No event is too big or too small for this amazing new service. Whether you're hosting a small corporate Christmas party with 50 guests, or a corporate gala with 5,000 attendees that lasts for a whole week, we've got you covered. Get in touch with us today and let's start planning!

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