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School & Grad Photography




The future of photography! The perfect way to capture grad photos and formals for schools of all sizes. Every time one of our professional photographers captures a photo, it's AI-optimized and then delivered instantly to the personal galleries of everybody appearing in the photo in a matter of seconds.


Our photographers capture pictures of students at the event. These pictures can be taken anywhere; seated and posed, walking across the stage, or at the after party.


Students/parents enter their information and "spot" themselves in our system one time only. Then, using facial recognition, our system will automatically send them all pictures that any of our photographers take of them, privately and securely.


Students/parents can share their pictures to social media, download them to keep forever, and even make prints right from their phones on our optional print kiosks.

How Does It Work?

Check out our explainer video! This brand new service will amaze students and parents alike, conveniently delivering their AI-optimized photos privately and securely to them throughout the grad or other school function.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Photos are AI-optimized as soon as they're captured; no more waiting weeks or months for pictures to be edited! This includes basic retouching, skin smoothing and blemish removal, subject brightening, and several other enhancements, all done instantly.

  • Within seconds, photos are delivered to every student/parent using facial recognition on their personal devices; no more waiting weeks or months for pictures to be delivered!

  • Because students/parents are receiving the pictures instantly, if they're not 100% happy with the pictures, we can retake them right on site. No more waiting weeks or months for us to come back for a do-over!

Happy student with parents after graduation ceremony outdoors.jpg
Educational theme_ graduating student girl in an academic gown. Isolated over white backgr

What does it cost?

For the school? $100 for any size event, plus a signed contract and liability waiver.


For the students/parents? It depends on the size of the school, timeframe of the event, printing service (if any), and number of photographers that we're providing, but typical cost is between just $29.99 and $49.99 per student. This cost entitles them to 100% of the pictures that they appear in, including their seated and posed grad formals, the ceremony, and any other parts of the day. Beats the heck out of $80 just for the digitals a month later with other companies... right?

Additionally, if we're providing a print kiosk, students can make a predetermined number of prints right on site!

Interactive School Photography by SpotMyPhotos

  • Our flagship interactive photography service; you won't find anything like this anywhere else

  • Professional photographers capture pictures of the students in a set area, seated and posed, on a stage, roaming, on the dance floor... anywhere

  • Students/parents can - for a one-time predetermined cost - receive their AI optimized pictures instantly in a personal gallery, either ahead of time via a registration link, on-site using our displayed QR code, or by getting the photographer to manually tag them

  • Once students/parents are in our system, they're automatically tagged using facial recognition in any pictures taken by our team, which are sent privately and securely to their personal album, which they can access from their phones

  • Students/parents can share their pictures instantly on their social media accounts

  • The pictures will be available in two formats; small web size with the school logo for quick sharing, and full size; students/parents can download either or both and share them as they like instantly

  • We can set up areas for seated & posed photos with backdrops, stools, strobes, etc.

Full length portrait of a male graduate student in a black gown holding a diploma isolated
Celebration Education Graduation Student Success Learning Concept.jpg

Interactive Photography Add-Ons

Add a backdrop curtain, stools, and strobes for seated & posed pics

  • Requires approximately 10' of wall space to place the backdrop curtain against

  • Total floor space required is about 100 square feet for the strobes, stools, and for the photographer to move around

Add a print kiosk with single or multiple printers

  • Students/parents can make up to a set number of 4" x 6" prints right from their phones, which print out on our mobile printing kiosk

  • Printing costs are built right into the per-student gallery access fee

  • Requires a cocktail table to place the print kiosk on and must be placed within 15' of power access

  • Requires WiFi at venue

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